Z-Conveyor for Soft-Drop of Parts into Boxes

MTF Technik - Z-Conveyor for Soft-Drop of Parts into Boxes

Task: Gentle transport of die-cast parts

  • After a cleaning process, die-casted parts have to be transported as gently as possible into different boxes

  • The drop height of the parts from the conveyor into the boxes has to be reduced to a minimum

  • The different outlet heights have to be adjusted with minimum effort

Solution: Z-shaped conveyor with springs and stable frame

  • Z-Conveyor Type ZL-HF 310 with double rack support

  • The adjustment mechanism is supported by means of gas pressure springs

  • Stable steel frame as a basis for the conveyor and the lower rack

  • Resistant polyester belt MTF No. 12

  • Drive unit integrated into conveyor body