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Conveyor System with Scissor Lift (Automotive)

Task: Height-adjustable conveyor system for punched parts

  • Parts shall be removed double tracked from a die cutter

  • Lack of space in the area of the die cutter

  • Depending on the applied die the releasing height of the parts varies

  • Depending on the following transport of the parts (e.g. in boxes, manual take off) the drop out height has to be adjusted easily

  • The change over has to be simple and fast

Solution: Conveyor system with scissor lift

  • Two I-Tech conveyors with low height are assembled parallel on a scissor lift

  • A wide Multi-Tech conveyor is assembled independently on a second scissor lift

  • The scissor lifts are adjustable manually. This allows a difference of 600mm in the vertical height between the conveyors

  • The I-Tech conveyors can be moved sidewise on a frame which allows a single or double track operating

  • A chute from zinc plated steel between I-Tech conveyors and the wide Multi-Tech conveyor matches the different heights. The chute consists of two parts and is adjustable in the width