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Linear Buffer with Roller Conveyor (Steel Sheets)

Task: Efficient conveying of sheet metal parts into containers

  • Steel sheet pieces with an approx. size of 15x15x10mm are produced in a moulding press at a clock rate of approx. 150 parts/minute and shall be feeded into containers

  • Container dimensions: 470x320x200mm

  • A buffering solution for 6 containers is needed

  • The volume of the containers should be utilized fully and material cones be avoided

Solution: Conveyor belt combination with movable discharge belt

  • A straight discharging conveyor, type GL, with a resistant polyester belt, feeds the parts into a container that is provided on a buffer belt

  • A roof-shaped plate is mounted below the outlet of the discharging conveyor, in order to distribute the parts in conveying direction into containters at the left and right side

  • The discharging conveyor, pneumatically adjustable in longitudinal direction, is mounted on a underframe, in order to move to a second position in case of a half-full container, therefore to avoid material cones

  • Filled containers are buffered on a roller conveyor

  • Light barriers at the buffer and the roller conveyor scan various features (no empty containers, container in filling position, buffer full)

  • Processing of data by means of a Siemens S7 control

  • The operating conditions are displayed by a 3-coloured signal signal lamp