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PL-Conveyor With Steering Racks

MTF Technik - PL-Conveyor With Steering Racks

Task: Transport of punched parts behind a press at a flexible angle

  • Stamping parts have to be transported out of a slot of 400mm width behind a press

  • Part dimension 240 x 200 x 60mm

  • Each 30 right and left parts are produced within one minute

  • Many interfering edges at the press make it difficult to install a transport device

Solution: Angled conveyor belt type PL with rack and pinion adjustment

  • A positively angled conveyor type PL with resistant PU belt (MTF No. 30) on a special carriage

  • In order to allow a comfortable change the angle of the complete conveyor a steering rack is integrated into the carriage. When the conveyor is in an inclined position it is possible to avoid the interfering edges. Afterward the steep belt part can be lowered within the machine slot

  • Magnets underneath the belt in the steep belt section guarantee a perfect transport result

  • Special design of the carriage adapted to the existing frame of the press