Buffer System for Stamped Parts

Task: Transport and buffering of metal parts

  • Metal parts have to be transported out of a safety fence from a press into steel boxes

  • The weight of one filled box is approx. 100kg

  • In total the system should be suitable for eight boxes

  • The filling level inside the boxes should be maximized

Solution: Conveyor buffer system with distribution switch

  • Discharge conveyor to transport single parts out of the safety fence of the press and transfer onto a filling conveyor

  • Filling conveyor above the empty boxes with pneumatic distribution chute at the conveyor end to allow two different discharge points within one box

  • Conveyor with robust polyester belt for empty boxes

  • Filling position at the outlet of the conveyor for the empty boxes. Filled boxes are transferred onto the heavy load roller conveyor

  • Siemens S7 control unit for the conveyors and pneumatic devices, to control the filling level within the buffer system and for communication with the press

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Buffering system for stamping parts