Conveyor System for Heavy-Duty Trays (Commercial Vehicles)

Task: Conveying and buffering of heavy parts on workpiece carriers

  • Brake calipers for trucks have to be conveyed in pairs from the storage area to a assembly line at a distance of 17m

  • Due to the layout of the hall, it is not possible to design the conveyor line as a straight, but it has to be angled after a third of the way

  • The brake calipers (with a unit weight of 45kg) are feeded onto a work piece carrier by means of a crane (Total weight of the loaded work piece carrier: approx. 110kg)

  • The conveyor line between storage and assembly area has to be able to buffer work piece carriers

  • It is necessary to convey the empty work piece carriers back to the starting point

  • The maximum quantity of loaded work piece carriers in circulation is 8

  • The system has to be laid out for relatively rough operating conditions

Solution: Robust curved conveyor belt with heavy-duty lifting stations

  • Conveyor line with two levels and two heavy-duty lift stations at the top ends

  • Angular transfer without additional curve conveying technique is possible using special trays with guide rollers

  • All conveyors are equipped with a robust polyester belt

  • Rolling carrying run for energy-saving conveying

  • All sensors are covered with protection plates

  • Stabile underframe executed as steel-welded construction with aluminium profiles to support the conveyor

  • Complete lining of the interspaces between upper and lower conveying level with polycarbonate

  • Safety enclosure with light barriers around the the lift stations

  • S7 control for steering a total of 8 conveyors and 2 lift stations, incl. appendant sensor technology

  • Complex safety package with rope switches along the total conveying line

  • Complete operating test incl. final inspection on the MTF site

  • Installation of the complete system incl. setting up operation and briefing on the the customer's site within one day