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Conveying System for Steel Discs

Task: Reliable conveyor technology for steel discs

  • Steel discs with different diameters are punched on a press. With every stroke two discs with different diameters lying within each other are produced

  • After the ejection from the press the parts should be fixed on a conveyor

  • If the discs lie on top of each other, the should be stripped off

  • The two different dics are to be stacked on two different mandrels

Solution: Conveyor belt with magnetic effect, belt curve and scraper station

  • A Multi-Tech conveyor type GL with integrated electromagnets ensures that the parts are „sucked“ on the belt and no longer jump

  • The inclination of the conveyor belt can be adjusted by means of a threaded spindle and thus adapted to different tools

  • Due to structural conditions, the parts are then transported further with a 90° belt curve

  • On a second belt conveyor type GL a scraper device is mounted. It consists of two independently motor-driven brush rollers which can be adjusted in height by means of a precision guide. This allows the discs on top of each other to be stripped off

  • Following the scraper station, the discs are aligned on the conveyor belt by spring-mounted guide rails

  • The two discs are then separated in the flow. For this purpose, the discs which are larger in diameter, run on a width-adjustable toothed belt conveyor. In this case, the lager discs only rest on their outer part on the conveyor. The smaller discs pass between the toothed belts and are conveyed onto an inclined belt conveyor type GL

  • The larger discs are transferred to a stacking mandrel at the outlet of the toothed belt conveyor. The smaller discs are first deposited by another 90° belt curve and then transferred to a second stacking mandrel

  • All conveyor sections have oil collecting trays, as the parts are contaminated with oil