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Buffering Conveyor GL-LD Special

MTF Technik - Buffering Conveyor GL-LD Special

Task: Filling and transporting containers with metal parts

  • Plastic boxes should be filled with metal parts

  • The weight of one complete box 400x300mm is 20kg which leads to a load of max. 170kg/m²

  • The system should be designed for two different box sizes (400x300mm and 300x200mm), so that either two or four boxes are transported parallelly towards the filling position

  • The boxes must be transported individually towards the filling position depending on the box size. There is only one fixed filling position

  • Complete boxes need to be discharged by means of a roller conveyor

Solution: Conveyor belt with pneumatic cross pusher and roller conveyor

  • MTF Multi-Tech conveyor type GL-LD Special with pneumatic cross slider and two roller conveyors

  • A short roller conveyor as an extension of the belt conveyor is used to minimize abrasion due to the sliding process

  • The filling takes place on the long roller conveyor which is situated parallel to the belt conveyor

  • A rodless pneumatic cylinder with five stop positions allows an individual feeding of the filling position depending on the box size

  • The first rolls on the long roller conveyor are blocked by a pneumatic cylinder until a complete row of boxes is filled. Afterwards the filled boxes are released an roll towards the outlet of the roller conveyor

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Conveyor with pneumatic cross slider