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Small Conveyor Belt for Stamping Parts

Task: Transfer of punched parts to buffer device

  • Small stampings (plug contacts) should be transferred from a press into an existing buffering device

  • The parts must not get stuck laterally or be damaged

  • A flexible, adjustable material should be mounted as a lateral sealing

  • The parts tend to stick to belts, therefore a suitable belt should be chosen

  • There is no space for a drive unit available at the inlet or outlet of the conveyor

  • A belt drive is needed

  • The complete conveyor should be covered by a sheet metal housing

Solution: Small conveyor belt with fabric structure and belt drive

  • Small Conveyor Type IL Special with rear set belt drive. This design allows the integration of the conveyor outlet into the customer's buffering system

  • MTF Belt No. 10 with slightly rough surface to avoid parts sticking to the belt

  • Lateral belt material, integrated into the side guiding for easy height adjustment

  • Pluggable stainless steel belt cover

  • Oil drip tray underneath the conveyor with 0,5° inclination towards the outlet