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Linked Conveyor System for Ammunition Parts

MTF Technik - Linked Conveyor System for Ammunition Parts

Task: Gentle parts transport of bullit casings to a production machine

  • Bullit casings shall be given from plastic containers to a bunker and feeded to a production machine tailored to demand. The capacity of the bunker shall be 300l.

  • Per minute approx. 250 bullit casings will be processed.

  • The production machine is equipped with two centrifugal feeders. Sensors on site detect the filling level. The feeding shall be according to the demand.

  • After the first production machine the bullit casings shall be feeded to a second machine, optionally they shall be distributed to buffer containers.

  • The transport has to be carried out gentle. The parts must not be damaged. A deadlock has to be excluded.

  • Interfaces to the production machines have to be processed by the controller.

  • Since there is lack of space at the machines, passages for the staff has to be available. The sketch shows that as a red block

  • Highest process reliability is important, i.e. no bullit casing may remain on the belts when the type is changed. The presence of containers has to be detected, a change of a container has to confirmed, etc.

Solution: Soundproof conveyor system linked with multi-rounder and distribution switch

  • Combination of a GL-conveyor with big stainless steel hopper and a PL-conveyor equippped with a pneumatic junction plate to divide the flow rate to the circular feeders.

  • ZL-conveyor with a fixed 75° angle right after the first production machine, equipped with a chute to pass on to a rounder. This chute consists of a special stainless noise suppression sheet with integrated cascades to reduce fall velocity.

  • Rounder with polycarbonate cover to guide the parts optionally to the hopper of the second production machine or into the containers.

  • The PL und ZL-conveyors are equipped with a hard wearing polyester belt (MTF-belt no. 12) with extra large cleats. The belt is guided in order to achieve a minimum gap between guiding profile and cleat.

  • The guiding profiles of the conveyors are completely covered with stainless steel. The punts are welded and trimmed to avoid any hems.

  • Complex controller, brand VIPA (similar. Siemens S7), to control the complete system including illustration of the interfaces to the production machines.

  • The steep parts of the belts are covered with flexible material above the cleats in order to avoid a backslide of parts.

  • All conveyors have a top cover made from polycarbonate.