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Belt Conveyor with Magnetic Clamp (Automotive, Stamping)

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor with Magnetic Clamp (Automotive, Stamping)

Task: Safe conveying of metal parts

  • Stamping parts should fall from the press onto a conveyor

  • The belt has to protect the parts from being damaged or scratched

  • Especially in the impact area, the parts should be fixed on the belt without using cleats

  • The conveyor should be be pushed easily into the machine by means of a existing rope pull system

Solution: Stable cleatless conveyor belt with ring magnets

  • Use of a Multi-Tech Conveyor Type GL with belt made of extra cut-resistant felt material

  • More than 200 ring magnets are integrated in the interior of the belt in a steelplate sandwich construction, in order to fix the ferritic parts to the belt

  • Installation of stable lateral steel rails which are inserted to guideways existing on site

  • Application of steel hooks with crane eyelets for transporting the conveyor within the hall by means of a crane