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Multi-Change Discharge Conveyors for Die Cutting

MTF Technik - Multi-Change Discharge Conveyors for Die Cutting

Task: Removal of different punched parts from various tools

  • To discharge stamping parts directly from the mould

  • To adapt easily to different widths of drop-out chutes

  • To adjust easily in height to various moulding presses / moulds

  • To collect the parts manually at the end of the conveyor. Here the conveyor height has to fit ergonomically to the operator

Solution: Small conveyor belt combination with interchangeable mechanism

  • A combination of a NL conveyor and different I-Tech (IL) conveyors in various widths

  • The IL conveyors are connected to the NL conveyor by means of a quick-release coupling, and therefore there is no need for an extra drive unit

  • IL conveyors currently not in use can be stored easily in the cabinet of the NL conveyor

  • Use of an I-Tech conveyor with a small deflexion roller of 22mm diameter, in order to get close to the parting plane of the mould - for a safe removal of the parts

  • Use of a special belt cover for the die cutting industry

  • Comfortable height adjustment of the complete NL conveyor by means of three gas pressure columns

  • Comfortable inclination adjustment for easy collecting by means of an electronic cylinder. An underframe shaped as a parallelogram ensures that the IL conveyor stays in a horizontal position