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Multi-Rounder for Stamping Parts

Task: Counting and distribution of punched parts

  • Stamping parts have to be counted and distributed into 6 boxes (400 x 300 x 320mm)

  • The feeding is done by an existing conveyor

  • The last two boxes have to be controlled by sensors, in order to recognize a box change automatically

  • A box change can be confirmed at the control unit, as well

  • A three-coloured light should give optical information to the operator

Solution: Multi-Rounder in stainless steel with control unit

  • Multi-Rounder Type MR-S1 Special

  • Chute in stainless steel (patterned design). The chute is covered in order to prevent parts from jumping out

  • Carriage with integrated box holders for an ergonomic working height

  • Siemens S7 control with signal light and light sensors for box control

  • Control of the conveyor by means of a switched socket on the control unit

  • Signal exchange with the press by means of Harting-plugs