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Double Track Buffering System for Stamping Parts

Task: Parallel buffering of different punched parts

  • Stamping parts drop out of two different tool openings

  • The parts have to be counted and afterwards be buffered in two separate boxes

  • The stamping machine must not be stopped when changing boxes

  • The press must be easily accessible for setup

Solution: Two parallel small conveyor belts with light barriers and buffer conveyor belts

  • Two small conveyors type I-Tech transport the stamping parts out of the press area

  • At the outlet of the small conveyors there are frame light barriers to count the parts while falling

  • The parts fall onto a pneumatic swiveling chute and slide into the boxes

  • An operator feeds empty boxes on two parallel Multi-Tech belt conveyors type GL

  • The boxes are aligned via light barriers and pneumatic stoppers underneath the swiveling chutes

  • After reaching the desired amount of parts the chute pivotes into an intermediate position in order to store the parts while the box is changed

  • After the next empty box is in position the chute pivotes back and the parts slide into the box

  • Filled boxes are transferred onto roller conveyors where they are picked from an operator

  • When working on the press, the I-Tech conveyors can easily be turned into a vertical position. In this position the complete system can also be stored in order to save space

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Double Track Buffering System for Stamping Parts