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Shifting belt buffer with small conveyor for steel parts

MTF Technik - Shifting belt buffer with small conveyor for steel parts

Task: Buffering of metal rings by a conveyor system

  • Up to 150 metal rings per minute are produced in a special mechanical press

  • The manufactured parts are blown out of the tool and “fly” out of the press

  • The parts have to be taken over and braked by the conveyor system

  • At the interface to the buffer system, the ejection of the parts have to be checked (tool protection)

  • The produced parts are to be fed to different containers

  • Separate quality parts have to be discharged for each container

  • The system has to be able to accommodate different types and sizes of containers

  • A control system is to monitor the condition of the system and document the distribution of parts to the various containers

  • It is necessary to change the containers during operation without switching off the system

Solution: Small conveyor belt with blow-out channel and distribution points

  • Sturdy welding frame with retractable four container holders

  • Docked closed stinaless steel blow-out channel as interface to the press with integrated small conveyor belt

  • Flexible flaps are mounted in the outlet duct to slow down the parts

  • A light grid is integrated at the transition to the press to secure the tool (presence check of the ejected parts)

  • Integrated opening flaps for maintenance and cleaning purposes on the air outlet duct

  • Small conveyor type IL, linearly displaceable in the frame, reversible, with pneumatic distri-bution chutes mounted on both sides

  • The pneumatic linear drive can be used to reach various discharge points in the respective containers in order to avoid cones of bulk

  • QA parts are delivered at the defined position per container

  • The QA parts are collected in separate plates which are hung in the containers

  • Buffer frame covered on all sides with polycarbonate. Two hinged covers on the operating side with gas spring support for cleaning or maintenance purposes

  • Retraction aids on the buffer frame for simplified positioning of the container trolleys

  • Presence control of the containers by means of light barriers

  • At each container position there is an operating terminal on which, for example, the item no., the target quantity, actual quantity and other system states can be displayed. The container change must be acknowledged by the operator on the terminal

  • Electrical control Siemens S7-1500 with ProfiNet interface incl. integration of the emergency stop circuit