Distribution conveyor for stamping parts

MTF Technik - Distribution conveyor for stamping parts

Task: Distribution of punched parts into boxes

  • Large quantities of steel parts come from a punching machine (400 parts per minute)

  • The parts have to be distributed on three grid boxes which are arranged parallel to each other

  • Scrap parts are to be ejected into a separate crate

  • The control should be carried out by a control system provided by the customer

Solution: Conveyor belt with diverter valves

  • A Multi-Tech conveyor type GL-AM 010 with three pneumatic diverter valves operated by rotary cylinders

  • Hardened baffle plate at the transfer from the punching machine

  • Insides of the guiding profiles covered with stainless steel (no butt edges)

  • Resistant PU-belt (MTF belt no. 14) for low-friction departing operation

  • Each diverter has hardened steel supports to divert parts with a sharp-edged end strip at the transition to the belt (to prevent parts from jamming)

  • Parts guide plates and transfer connections made of stainless steel

  • Acknowledgement button on each delivery station

  • Wiring of all connections (motor, pneumatics, sensors, push-buttons) to a terminal box as interface to the on-site control system