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Separation and Recycling in Zinc Die-Casting Industry

MTF Technik - Separation and Recycling in Zinc Die-Casting Industry

Task: Sprue separation and return of zinc die castings

  • Development of a solution for separating zinc die-casting components
  • The sprues have to be redirected to the production process

Solution: Conveyor belt combination with knock-off separation drum

  • Development of a space-saving combination of an angled conveyor for the machine discharge of die-cast components, a sloughing drum for separating good parts from sprues and a steel hinged plate conveyor which redirects the sprues to the machine
  • The die-casted components arrive via a chute arranged laterally onto the first angled conveyor (type NVF-LD 120). The chute is designed to align the big sprues in longitudinal direction on the conveyor to direct them to the separation process
  • The separation drum is equipped with a special inlet chute that prevents the sprues from getting caught during the handover from conveyor to chute
    *For cutting off the sprues, a sloughing drum (type A 3512 B) is used. This model is equipped with a loose sloughing medium made of hardwood that cuts off the link between part and runner first. Afterwards, the smaller goods fall downwards through the gaps between the rollers and are collected in a box.
  • Further features of this separation drum are: reversible running direction, single adjustment of rollers and a baffle plate for the moving piece of wood at the drum outlet
  • The sprues are moved to the drum outlet and then attain the second angled conveyor via another chute. This steel hinged plate conveyor conveys the sprues back to the feeding zone of the die-casting machine for recycling.

This plant perfectly combines conveying, sloughing, separating and recirculation – a common task in the zinc die-casting industry.

Watch the device in action

Lösung zur Separation von Zinkdruckgussteilen und Rückführung der Angüsse in den Produktionsprozess.