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Reject Chute for Engel e-motion 200/100

MTF Technik - Reject Chute for Engel e-motion 200/100

Two-way reject chute for an Engel e-motion 200/100 in completely capsuled version with integrated cascades for slowing down parts

MTF Technik - Reject Chute for Engel e-motion 200/100

Installation situation of a QA-chute in an Engel 100t-machine in combination with an angled conveyor and a separation drum.

In this case, the reject chute is mounted across the axis of an injection moulding machine type Engel e-motion 200/100. Therefore the chute optionally discharges the parts centrally downwards into a reject bin or to the operating side onto a conveyor.

Plastic cascades are inserted to the completely closed guiding chute, in order to slow down the parts. As in this case the parts are very small and statically charged, it is ensured that the parts placed settled at the center of the belt.

Here, the flap within the separation chute is made of plastics. This enables to minimalise the gap between flap and chute body, in order to prevent parts from getting stuck.

The reject chute is controlled via a two-way operated pneumatic valve. The end positions of the cylinder are monitored via reed contacts and reported to the control of the injection moulding machine.

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