Reject Chute for Sumitomo SHI Demag Ergotech 100-420

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik

Two-way reject chute for a Demag Ergotech 100-420 injection moulding machine.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik

Location of the QS-chute across the axis of a Demag Ergotech 100-420, combined with a conveyor for transportation of parts.

In this application, the separating chute is mounted crosswise to the axis of the injection moulding machine type Ergotech 100-420 and therefore discharges the parts optionally to the operating side or to the non-operating side. The reject chute is driven via the control of the injection moulding machine.
The reject chute is steered via a two-way controlled pneumatic valve. The stop position of the cylinder of the changeover flap is read via reed contacts and reported to the control of the injection moulding machine.

Here the delivery chutes are mounted with screws to the body of the reject chute and can be demounted or changed corresponding to requirements. Therefore it is possible to direct the delivery of parts centrally downwards.

The reject chute is designed that the changeover flap does not hit the housing but is halted by the stop position of the cylinder. Therefore the noise during changeover is reduced substantially.

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