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Digital Clock Timer Type DTSG 4

Control Unit

MTF Technik - Digital Clock Timer Type DTSG 4

Digital Clock Timer Type DTSG 4 KR

This type of digital clock timer (KR) is mounted outside the conveyor body. For the inside of the conveyor body we use the type DTSG 4i, combined with an internal drive unit.


  • Permanent operation on/off
  • Clocked operation via external trigger
  • Clocked operation by run time and pause time
  • Belt removal sensing device
  • Light barrier at the end of belt
  • Trigger pulse

Fields of Application

  • Various fields of application due to various benefits
  • Machine discharge
  • Long cyclic terms
  • Cooling tracks
  • Robot deposit conveyors with control via potential-free contact

Electric Connection

  • Commonly 3~ 400 V NPE with CEE-plug
  • Also 3~ 230V with CEE-plug


  • 2 inlets
  • 1 outlet (relay)
  • Control of motor temperature