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Conveyor Belt No. 13

Linatex red

MTF Technik - Conveyor Belt No. 13

This custom product is made of sleek natural rubber which is especially impact resistant and adhesive. This type of belt is e.g. used in the paper and cardboard industry or with sharp-edged and non-oily metal parts.

MTF-Belt No. 13

Top Cover Material


Temperature Resistance

-5°C to +70°C

Total Thickness

2.0 to 6.4 mm

To Be Accumulated


Food Safe (FDA)


Oil and Grease Resistant




Cleats Available


Corrugated Edges Avail.


Max. Width Angled Belts


Available for Small Conveyors

no (Roll Ømin: 80mm)

Fields of Application

  • Paper and Cardboard industry
  • Printing industry
  • Sharp-edged metal parts without oil cover


  • Extremely Impact resistant
  • High friction
  • Off-wall belt type
  • Price on request