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Corrugated Edges for Belt Sealing

MTF Technik - Corrugated Edges for Belt Sealing

The equipment of a conveyor belt with corrugated edges does often make sense when the conveying parts are small and sharp-edged. The corrugated edges serve as a barrier to the gap between belt and lateral guiding. They can even form closed 'casssettes' in combination with cleats.

Corrugated Edges




With / without base


20 / 30 / 40mm


20 / 35mm


Sleek / patterned (on PVC)

Fields of Application

  • To avoid that small parts get stuck between belt and lateral guiding
  • Stamping industry
  • Runner transport (plastics)
  • Avoiding relative movement between parts and lateral guiding
  • Suitable for straight and angled conveyors


  • Not every belt can be equipped with corrugated edges
  • The width of the corrugated edges depends on the material