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Small Belt Conveyor Type IL-IE 010

Straight Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor Type IL-IE 010

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor Type IL-IE 010

The small conveyor belts of type IL-IE 010 are especially characterised by their variable base frame. They have a ball guided gas pressure column which allows for a force-free height adjustment with a lift of up to 400mm. This is interesting where modifications are often necessary (e.g. use together with different production machines or tools, filling of different vessels etc.).

The tilt angle of the conveyor belt is adjustable step-less between 0° and 60° and can be changed - like the belt height - without any tools. Especially where only limited staff is available (e.g. during night shifts or weekends), this base frame is a valuable aid.

The red RuDex®-running cover is especially characterised by its impact resistance. Thus, it is particularly suitable for the transport of goods with sharp edges, e.g. in the stamping industry.

Product Information
Small Belt Conveyors


Small conveyors with a width of up to approx. 200mm and length up to max. 1.500mm are equipped with base frame IE 010, if height and angles need to be adjusted very often.

  • Only one-sided entry of conveyor belt so that one side is completely available for auxiliary parts to be mounted
  • Convenient height adjustment with ball guided gas pressure column
  • Step-less adjustment of tilt up to 60°
  • Tools are not necessary for adjustments


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Application Examples and Tutorials

Video: Functionality of the Carriage Type IE 010

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