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Z-Shaped Small Belt Conveyor Type IZL-BE 020

Z-Shaped Small Belt Conveyors

MTF Technik - Z-Shaped Small Belt Conveyor Type IZL-BE 020

Small Conveyor Type IZL-BE 020

MTF Technik - Z-Shaped Small Belt Conveyor Type IZL-BE 020

Small Conveyor Type IZL-BE 020

Z-shaped small conveyor belts often serve to discharge piece goods as well as bulk goods from production and packaging facilities and for subsequent filling into containers or delivery to further processes.

The base frame type BE 020 provides the most cost-efficient solution for belts with smaller length and a frame width of 350mm. The massive steel base plate with two vertically mounted anodised aluminium profiles provides a stable footing. Height and tilt of the belt can be adjusted step-less.

The freely protruding flat belt parts of Z-shaped conveyor belts enable small construction heights without disturbing the base frame part. This way, these conveyor belt parts can also be inserted into narrow machine shafts.

Depending on the dimensions, various base frames, drive units and belt materials are available in order to ensure an ideal adaptation to the respective tasks.

Product Information
Small Belt Conveyors


Base frame BE 020 is often used in combination with Z-shaped small conveyors that must not exceed a total length of approx. 2,000mm. The stand heights as well as the fixing of the base frame to the conveyor belt frame is done flexibly depending on the particular task.

  • Compact construction
  • Flexible adjustment possibilities regarding height and angle (+/- 60°)
  • Stable arrangement

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