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Belt Conveyors Type GL-EM 010 / GL-EM 230

Straight Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyors Type GL-EM 010 / GL-EM 230

Conveyor GL-EM 010 as box storage in combination with a feeding belt and counting controller

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyors Type GL-EM 010 / GL-EM 230

Conveyor GL-EM 230 with permanently mounted 2-way sorting diverter in the feeding area of the conveyor belt

The belt conveyors of type GL-EM 010 are used everywhere where the parts are to be conveyed horizontally near the floor or at a slightly increased or decreased angle. This is often the case when buffering containers e.g. are being filled via a chute from a machine or via a small feeding belt. Such buffer belts are usually set up longitudinally of production machines (linear buffer for piece goods).

The belt conveyors of this type are also used to dispose parts from low machine shafts. This might be the case e.g. in printing shops or in the paper industry where edge strips of paper are cut, on blanking and punching machines or in the plastics industry.

Depending on the precise task to be performed, these delivery belt conveyors are equipped with various belts, partly with special lateral seal mechanisms, in order to be able to also convey thin or sharp parts safely and without any deadlocks. These may be e.g. flexible deflectors/fenders which rest on the belt. Alternatively, corrugated edges and longitudinal guide rails can be welded directly onto the belt covers which form a rotating sealing.

The individual underframe supports are mounted in the conveyor guiding profiles and thus, can be moved over the entire belt length and adjusted in the height. This is especially beneficial if any floor unevenness needs to be adjusted and compensated.

Product Information

Straight Conveyors Type GL


For horizontal conveying near the floor e.g. for application as buffer conveyor belt for cases and containers next to a production machine, the underframe EM 010 is often the right choice. The individual supports along the belt body can be moved individually and facilitate a conveyor height between 225 and 360mm from the floor until upper belt edge.

  • Reasonably priced solution with low conveyor height
  • Variable mounting of the single supports along the entire belt conveyor
  • Individual height adjustment of the single supports to compensate any floor unevenness
  • Mobile frame with guide rollers and brakes
  • The different height adjustments of the single supports also enable a lower incline of the conveyor belt

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