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Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 020

Straight Belt Conveyors

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 020

GL-HE 020 as machine discharging transport belt with attached hopper, cleat belt and lateral support for elevated conveying processes e.g. from a production machine to a container

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 020

GL-HE 020 as robot belt conveyor without lateral support in combination with light barriers, belt removal sensing device and a drive mounted below the belt body.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 020

GL-HE 020 of special design for the application in a clean-room for the production of pharmaceutical articles. The equipment and fitting includes a drum motor, foldable mounted polycarbonate covers, special attachment hoppers from a QS (quality assurance) diverter/separator, attached ionisation blower as well as a FDA-conform belt cover with revolving side rims

The combination of a straight conveyor belt with the underframe, type HE 020 is often used as small machine discharge belt or also as robot delivery belt. Thereby, the length is max. 2,000mm, the width approx. 400mm.

The belt conveyor can be continuously adjusted in height and incline. The stable underframe supports made of anodised aluminium are mounted laterally to the conveyor belt and can be moved in the profile grooves along the entire belt body. Thus, it is very flexibly useable on many different machines.

Conveyor belts of this design are often used for the disposal of parts of production or assembly machines. For this purpose, additional attachment hoppers can be mounted in order to ensure a flawless parts transfer. It is also used as delivery belt in automation cells in order e.g. to remove and transport parts from a safety enclosure.

As with all MTF Multi-Tech belt conveyors, a variety of special equipment features can be added to the configuration. It starts with the selection of the belt qualities, the various drive units and ends with accessories such as metal detection systems, separating attachments, belt covers, ionisation facilities etc.

In the plastics industry belt conveyors of this type and design are often used for the lateral removal of parts below the clamping unit, toward the operator side or the non-operator side of the injection moulding machine.

Product Information

Straight Conveyors Type GL


Underframe model HE 020 for smaller and medium-sized conveyor belts of up to approx. 2,000mm long and 500mm wide.

  • In most cases, use as discharge conveyor belt for machines or robot delivery conveyor belt
  • Stable underframe with H-shaped base stand
  • Underframe moveable along the lateral profile groove of the conveyor belt
  • Continuous angle adjustment to any angle between -60° and +60° is possible
  • Continuous height adjustment


  • The exemplarily illustrated external drive, type AK with engine protection switch: compact, robust, wear-resistant - In the standard version with connection cable and plug

Outer belt covers in all variations for your specific application cases

  • High-quality belt seal through clip-strip

  • Easy mounting of attachment parts due to the multi-functional, anodised aluminium profile with two T-grooves.

  • Optional: Wide range of standard attachment hoppers/funnels adjusted to your application

  • Modular design

Product Details

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 020

Of course, our guiding profiles for Multi-Tech belt conveyors are available in different heights. This 3D-drawing shows a guiding profile of a GL conveyor with 80mm height with covering.

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