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Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Straight Belt Conveyors

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Conveyor GL-HM 010 as horizontal transfer conveyor belt, equipped with a resistant polyester belt cover

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Conveyor GL-HM 010 as deposit belt conveyor with strutted underframe supports and a width of 2,000mm to convey parts with big surfaces

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Two GL belt conveyors, mounted on a shared underframe. The belt conveyors are equipped reversibly and therefore, are able to run in two directions. In this version the belt conveyor is used where e.g. right and left parts are produced in a tool and then being placed on conveyor belts by a robot. In order to avoid the confusion of parts, the conveyor belts are running in different directions. If large parts are manufactured on the same machine, both belt conveyors can run in the same direction and hence they serve quasi as one wide conveyor belt. This is possible due to the optimum nominal width/usable width ratio of the MTF Multi-Tech conveyor belts

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Conveyor belt GL-HM 010 as a deposit conveyor belt with braced support legs and a width of 2,000mm for transporting large-area parts.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Robot Deposit Conveyor Type GL-HM 010 in ESD-version, i.e. high-conductive belt with ATEX approval, special electrical grounding of the conveyor frame and underframe, and special base rollers which are suitable for ESD. This conveyor is used at an assembly line for sensitive electronic components.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010

Belt Conveyor Type GL-HM 010 with cleat scans and safety protection as robot deposit conveyor

Belt conveyors of this design are often used as robot deposit conveyor belts in many different industrial sectors and various processes (e.g. in the plastic injection moulding, plate deformation, die casting/stamping, assembly, cleaning or testing plants).

Of course, the conveyors can be applied at manual assembly work stations or integrated in packing processes or other automated applications. Furthermore, they are used, e.g. in press lines as transfer belts between different moulding presses or as part re-feeders to flow blasting plants for surface treatment and processing.

Depending on the task to be performed, many different belt qualities may be used. For many applications cost-effective PVC belts are sufficient; in the food or pharmaceutical industry PU-belt covers with FDA-approval and anti-static features or other special surface characteristics are required.

In cases of high temperatures of parts, e.g. in the plastics blow moulding industry or in the die casting/stamping sector, resistant polyester, silicone or special Kevlar belts made of felt are used.

Robot deposit conveyors are often designed without lateral guides or lateral supports. If particularly wide parts that are overlapping the belt body laterally, have to be deposited on the conveyor belt, it is necessary to use an underframe that does not protrude the belt upwards. Here, the underframe of type HM 010 with telescopic supports, to be mounted underneath the belt body, is very suitable.

In order to avoid interfering edges above the belt surface with regard to the drive, it is recommended to mount the motor underneath the belt body. However, e.g. drum motors can be used as well.

Depending on the application or tasks to be performed, belt conveyors of this type can be equipped with versatile control functionalities and sensor systems. Here, so-called digital tact-switch devices are used frequently. These can be connected to a production machine or a robot controller. Thus, the conveyor belt can communicate with the available technology easily via e.g. potential-free contacts.

Belt conveyors with this underframe type can be manufactured in a width of up to 2,000mm and they provide excellent stability and flexibility.

Product Information

Straight Conveyors Type GL


Longer and wider conveyor belts are often equipped with an underframe type HM 010.

  • Application and use for longer and wider conveyor belts as delivery belt conveyor, transfer belt or integrated in automated solutions
  • Underframe is fastened to the lower groove of the guide profiles - therefore, no disturbing edges that protrude laterally or upwards
  • Continuous height and angle adjustment possible

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