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Belt Conveyors Types GL-IE 010 / GL-IE 020

Straight Belt Conveyors

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyors Types GL-IE 010 / GL-IE 020

GL-IE 010 as machine discharge conveyor belt with attached separator roller attachment to separate injection part and sprue

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyors Types GL-IE 010 / GL-IE 020

GL-IE 020 as discharging belt with attached worm gear separator attachment to separate injection part and sprue

The belt conveyors of type GL-IE 010 are particularly outstanding by their underframe which is equipped with a gas pressure column adjustment with a ball guide in the stroke. Therewith, the entire conveyor belt can be adjusted in height and incline by minimum effort.

This is helpful, when the conveyor belt is to be adjusted frequently to different conditions, e.g. when used at various machines, or when parts have to be conveyed in containers or cases of different heights. In addition, it is used when the adjustments have to be done without personnel or available auxiliaries/tools (e.g. during night shifts or weekends).

Belt conveyors of this type are very often used to dispose of products from production and assembly machines. For this purpose, additional attachment hoppers can be mounted to ensure a problem-free part transfer.

Also, separator attachments are oftentimes attached to this conveyor belt type, in order to e.g. separate plastic parts from the sprue in steps at the injection moulding machine, directly after the production process.

The one-sided installation of the underframe on the guiding profile brings the belt conveyor into a direct, sideward position to the production unit.

The version GL-IE 020 represents the cost-efficient alternative, which is also attached on one side, but with one fixed pipe instead of the gas pressure column support . It is used if the height of the conveyor belt is adjusted only in rare occasions.

The version is particularly recommended for smaller conveyor belts with a length of up to 2,000mm and a width of up to 400mm.

Product Information

Straight Conveyors Type GL


Very easy height and incline adjustment of the conveyor belt using only one hand - this is the strength of the base frame type IE 010. The integrated gas pressure column with ball guide enables a comfortable adjustment of the loading or filling heights and discharge heights to different applications.

  • Gas pressure column for simple height and incline adjustment
  • Attachment of the underframe to one side of the conveyor belt and therefore, simple integration in machine pits, or space-saving set up and installation in parallel to a production machine
  • Perfect solution for smaller belt conveyors which must be adjusted frequently (e.g. application with machines being replaced and changed)

Application Examples and Tutorials

Video: Functionality of the Carriage Type IE 010

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