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Belt Conveyor Type NL-HF 310

Belt Conveyor with Negative Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type NL-HF 310

The illustrated belt conveyor of type NL-HF 310 has a width of 1,100mm. With the automatic belt tensioning mechanism MFT Technik is able to produce angled belt conveyors with a width of up to 1,500mm.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type NL-HF 310

NL-HF 310 in special version with individually adapted screw separator MSR 800 special, on a joint base frame.

Wide angled belt conveyors are usually equipped with an underframe, type HF 310. This offers high stability and at the same time, flexibility with regard to the angle adjustment - also for long flat belts with medium feeding heights.

Two gas pressure springs enable an angle adjustment to be performed easily by one person - even with conveyor belts of up to 1,500mm long. This is a particular, unbeatable advantage of the MFT devices, e.g. for night shifts where only a few persons of the staff are present.

Belt conveyors of this type are used if high-volume parts e.g. are to be conveyed e.g. from an injection moulding machine into a container or onto a table. Further application areas are found in the processing of paper or cardboard, and where edge strip cuts or punching waste are to be conveyed from the machines.

The patented belt tensioning mechanism of MTF Technik makes it possible to manufacture belt conveyors of extreme width. The belt tensioning mechanism ensures that the belt cover tension stays constant over the entire angle adjustment range between 0° and 60°. This prevents the belt cover from arching in the bend area. This in turn, reduces downforce and wear and thus, ensures a long service life of the belt.

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Belt Conveyors Type NL

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Calculator for the measures of angled conveyor belts


Two gas pressure springs in the underframe type HF 310 enable a comfortable angle adjustment - even with larger belt conveyors - carried out by a person. The continuous underframe provides stability and easy handling and manoeuvrability.

  • Easy angle adjustment with gas pressure spring support
  • Wheels moveable in lateral direction along the underframe enable a flexible adjustment to different floor heights (e.g. in machine bases/beds)
  • Stable frame underneath the flat belt is used as cleat protection/shield at the same time

Application Examples and Tutorials

Video: Functionality of the Carriage Type TF 110 (similar device)

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