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Belt Conveyor Type NL-LD 120

Belt Conveyor with Negative Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type NL-LD 120

L-belt conveyor type NL-LD 120 , equipped with a one-layer metal detection coil in the steep belt and adjacent belt cover. Application as feeding belt for a grinder.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type NL-LD 120

Angled Conveyor NL-LD 120 with belt cover and cooling tunnel with fan, for use in the die casting industry

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type NL-LD 120

NL-LD 120 with attached spin rotating distributor to convey caps of beverages to several Octabins.

Larger angled belt conveyors with long steep belt part and also with greater conveyor belt width are oftentimes equipped with an underframe, type LD 120. The underframe supports are thereby fastened laterally to the steep belt. This results in a very high adjustment range of the feeding and delivery heights. The closed underframe in connection with the stable supports provides a safe standing even for larger L-conveyors.

The flat belt part protrudes freely and can be supported additionally for _longer - flat belts. However, this belt part often rests on the ground in order to enable lowest possible feeding heights.

Typical application fields for the conveyor technology of this type are found in many industrial sectors. In the plastics and paper industry the L-conveyors of type
NL-LD 120 are oftentimes used as transport belt to feed grinders. In such cases, the belt conveyors are usually equipped with metal detection systems - either with one-layer surface metal detectors or with tunnel detectors. They are also used to convey piece goods or bulk material to larger containers or processing plants.

Furthermore, these angled belt conveyors can often be found in automated facilities or in combination with buffer facilities.

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Belt Conveyors Type NL

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Calculator for the measures of angled conveyor belts


Angled belt conveyors with longer steep belt part, high belt load and heavy attachment parts, such as channel/tunnel metal detectors, are often equipped with the underframe type LD 120. The closed, welded base frame with the stable aluminium profiles forms a perfect unit and always provides safe standing.

  • Freely overhanging flat belt part enables minimum feeding heights
  • Longer flat belts may be supported by additional belt supports
  • Large height adjustment range
  • Conveying angle is continuously adjustable to any level between 0° and 60°

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