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Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 020

Belt Conveyor with Positive Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 020

Angled Belt Conveyor PL-LD 020

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 020

Positively Angled Conveyor PL-LD 020 for transporting flat metal rings from a production machine to working height.

Belt conveyors with a positive angle are often designed with an underframe, type
LD 020. The stable base frame ensures that the conveyor belt is always stable and at the same time, flexible regarding height and incline adjustments. For overhanging flat belts additional supports can be attached.

Angled conveyors of this model are used in many different sectors of industry to fill containers or to supply production, automation or packing plants. In the recycling field, belt conveyors of this design are often used as grinder feeding belt. Depending on the performance requirements, additional funnels or other add-on parts, such as metal detection coils, can be mounted.

As with all other MTF Multi-Tech conveyor belts, the angle can be adjusted continuously to any angle between 0° and 60°. In this process, the belt tension remains constant over the entire adjustment range.


Belt conveyors with positive angle of medium size are often equipped with an underframe type LD 020. It always ensures a safe standing and provides high flexibility with regard to height and incline adjustment. For longer overhanging flat belts additional supports can be mounted.

  • Freely overhanging flat belt enables centred filling of larger cases or containers
  • Steep belt part can be lowered until floor level to accomplish low feeding heights
  • Incline angle and height are continuously adjustable

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