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Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 120

Belt Conveyor with Positive Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 120

Conveyor combination PL-LD 120 with a conveyor belt bunker GL-AM 140

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 120

Angled Conveyor PL-LD 120 with hopper and divided transporting cleats

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 120

Dosing conveyor PL-LD 120 with large hopper, including manual work station with arm rests and integrated lamp

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-LD 120

Conveyor PL-LD 120 Special in a width of 1,600mm for the clocked transport of spiral springs

Conveyor belts with positive angle (type PL) are often constructed in combination with a horizontally mounted conveyor belt bunker. This conveyor technology is often used to supply production processes where larger production batches are placed in the hopper at once and then fed into the process in doses.

In these cases, the horizontal part of the conveyor is equipped with a hopper according the individual requirements. The material, shape and design of the hopper correspond to the conveying parts. Thus, these hoppers are often equipped with e.g. flaps for quick empty. The outer belt covers at the horizontal bunkers normally have only small or no driver cleats. This is useful for the batching process.
The main benefit of this combination in comparison to a single belt conveyor is that the parts are conveyed more safely and gently. Corresponding sensors check that the horizontal conveyor only runs in case of a "free" transmission area. This reduces rotation of parts in the hopper and thus grants sensitive parts handling. In addition, the cleats on the steep belt part are less strained.

As with all MTF Multi-Tech Conveyors, the belt angle can be adjusted continuously in stages of 0° and 60°. Thereby the tension of the outer belt covers remains constant over the entire angle adjustment range.


The underframe LD 120 has supports that are laterally attached to the belt conveyor and it therefore offers a large height adjustment range. The stable aluminium profiles in connection with the welded steel underframe always provide stability even with larger conveyor belts.

  • Additional elements can be easily mounted in the grooves of the underframe supports (control cabinets, controllers etc.)
  • Nearly any height adjustment is possible due to the laterally mounted supports
  • Angle is continuously adjustable to any angle between 0° and 60°
  • Stable design also for large belt conveyors

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