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Belt Conveyor Type ZL-HM 140

Z-Shaped Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-HM 140

Long Z-conveyor belt of type ZL-HM 140

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-HM 140

Long Z-conveyor belt of type ZL-HM 140

Long Z-belt conveyors are often engineered with the underframe, type HM 140. The H-shaped base stands with vertical supports, made of anodised aluminium profiles, always ensure a stable and safe standing. Additional lateral, crosswise and diagonal struts provide extra safety.

Depending on the requirements and tasks to be performed, the underframe supports can be attached to all three conveyor parts (lower flat belt, steep belt, upper flat belt). A combination with other underframe base types is possible too. The flat belt of the belt conveyor shown in the picture is equipped with mobile individual supports to enable a lowest possible feeding height.

The illustrated belt conveyor is designed for the application on a blow-mould machine where hot scrap (waste pieces) must be transported to a grinder. For this purpose, the angled belt conveyor has been equipped with a resistant polyester belt, which is also suitable for the use on angled belts.

Apart from the scrap, the conveyor must also be able to convey complete canisters. For this purpose, the belt conveyor is provided with lateral guide plates which are covered from above with polycarbonate. In order to guarantee a good cooling of the parts, in spite of the cover, the lateral guide is equipped with ventilation slots.

To protect the grinder, a single-layer metal detection coil is integrated in the steep belt area.

Since the belt conveyor was placed in parallel to the blow-mould facility, they had to make sure that the accessibility to the production machine is always guaranteed. The base frame HM 140 is especially suited for this purpose because the supports can be moved along the entire belt body and thusly, the passage ways kept free for access.

Product Information

Belt Conveyors Type ZL


Long conveyor belts must be supported at several points in order to ensure the required stability. For this purpose, the underframe HM 140 is particularly suited. The individual supports can be fastened in the lateral grooves over the entire belt length.

  • Stable underframe for large belt dimensions
  • Large height adjustment range; freely definable due to the individual support heights
  • Continuous angle adjustment between 0° and 60°

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