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Standing separator Type MS 600

Standing screw separator

MTF Technik - Standing separator Type MS 600

Screw separator Type Multi-Separator MS-600 in special configuration with counter function.

MTF Technik - Standing separator Type MS 600

Screw separator Type Multi-Separator MS-600 in special configuration with counter function.

The Multi-Separator MS 600 is a further novelty of the MTF product programme. It can be integrated without difficulty in a broad range of processes because of its variability.

It is especially useful when injection-moulded pieces must be separated from sprue very flexibly at different machines or locations.


In addition to separation, the devices - depending on the task - are also suited to piece isolation and piece counting. The screw queues the pieces behind one another so that they fall individually through a special counting sensor. Depending on the piece geometry, as many as 90 pieces per minute can be safely counted in this way.

  • Significantly more cost-effective than a scale for measuring quantity
  • No weighing of differing pieces necessary, since pieces are counted regardless of form.
  • Unlike a scale, not sensitive to environmental influences (vibrations, draughts, etc.)
  • Separation and counting with one device
  • Drive uses a drum motor with independent speed control - allows connection to a parent control for fine measurement


  • Absolutely maintenance-free separation unit with integrated drum motor

  • Optional constant (80 rpm) or infinitely adjustable (8-80 rpm) screw speed for optimal separation results

  • Screw profile height of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 or 11 mm available standard

  • Infinite and exceptionally precise adjustment of the separation gap with knurled nuts

  • Polyester scraper over the screw to prevent the parts from skipping

  • Screw roller optionally provided with spikes to ensure an easy separation of the pieces and thus to improve the separation result

  • Consistent design for the highest work safety

  • Base Type HE 010 from the Multi-Tech line for infinitely adjustable height and angle

  • Stable construction and perfect ergonomic design in the proven MTF quality

Application Examples and Tutorials

Application Video: Separating and counting parts with the Multi-Separator

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