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Separating Drum Type I 205 B

Hedgehog Drum

MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type I 205 B

Hedgehog drum I 205 B for use in separating pieces in a clean room.

MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type I 205 B

Hedgehog drum I 205 B for use in separating pieces in a clean room.

This perforated separating drum is a novelty in the MTF separation program. The "hedgehog drum" is especially suited for the separation of parts with very complex differing piece geometries. The sleeve pipes attached to the outside of the drum cage ("hedgehog quills") have the task of preventing the larger pieces from wriggling through the holes or any pieces from getting caught in the holes.


For separation tasks in the clean room or in medical technology, the prevention of wear as well as the protection of the pieces plays a special role. Here MTF Technik offers a multitude of separation devices that already optimally fulfil your task in many clean room applications.

  • Form rings can be provided with special coverings in stainless steel functionality
  • Available in a variety of diameters, lengths and types
  • Simple disassembly and cleaning possible


  • Optimal separating results even for very complex piece geometries: the "hedgehog quills" prevent the pieces from getting hooked

  • Height and tilt of the drum simply and infinitely adjustable

  • Stable double-column base with the greatest possible space for attaching collection containers under the drum cage

  • High-quality, high-performance and high-torque planetary gear motors for constant or infinitely adjustable drum speeds

  • Swivel input slide with cushioned polyamide coating

  • Covering and function panels of anodized aluminium or galvanized steel (V2A by request)

  • Easy interchangeability of the drum cages

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Hedgehog Drum Type I 30xx B

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MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type I 205 B

The sleeve pipes or "hedgehog quills" revent the larger pieces from wandering hrough the holes or any pieces from etting caught in the holes.

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