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Separating Drum Type PZ 3510 B

Drum Separator with Central Adjustment

MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type PZ 3510 B

The separation drum Type PZ 3510 B with sound-proofing hood of anodized aluminium and foam insulation.

MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type PZ 3510 B

The separation drum Type PZ 3510 B with sound-proofing hood of anodized aluminium and foam insulation.

The separating drum Type PZ with central adjustment is the fastest, easiest, and most precisely adjustable separating system in the MTF separating program. This separating system is outstanding for its flexibility.

Through the patented central adjustment, the distance between all of the rollers in the cage can be newly adjusted with one handle and centrally locked. The separation is infinitely adjustable from 3 to 53 mm.


Especially in the die-casting industry or with the separation of harder materials in steel drums, an elevated noise level becomes an issue. In addition to sound dampening by the installation of foam-covered rollers, noise emission can also be significantly reduced with an additional sound-proofing hood.

  • Folding cover with foam padding
  • Outer hull of anodized aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel or acoustic panelling with foam filling
  • Folding mechanism allows easy access for adjustment of the separation gaps
  • Available for all MTF separation drums


  • Height and tilt simply and infinitely adjustable

  • High-quality, high-performance and high-torque planetary gear motors for constant or infinitely adjustable drum speeds

  • Rollers in the drum cage made of plastic, steel, stainless steel or aluminium

  • Except for the plastic rollers, all other rollers are available in foam-coated versions for noise reduction

  • Swivel intake slide with cushioned polyamide coating

  • Covering and function panels made of anodized aluminium or galvanized steel (V2A on request)

  • The drum cages are easily interchangeable

  • Stable double-column base with four locking wheels

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Separation Drum Type PZ 3

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MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type PZ 3510 B

Counter-running of the separation rollers by the belt significantly increases the separation performance, and in addition, the pieces cannot jam and will not be damaged.

MTF Technik - Separating Drum Type PZ 3510 B

Simple adjustment of the roller separation through the planet-central adjustment: a special advantage with frequently changing part combinations.

Application Examples and Tutorials

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