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Reject Chute for Fanuc S-2000i 250B (3-way)

MTF Technik - Reject Chute for Fanuc S-2000i 250B (3-way)

"3-way reject chute" for a crosswise assembly into an injection moulding machine type Fanuc S-2000i 250B

MTF Technik - Reject Chute for Fanuc S-2000i 250B (3-way)

Reject chute for directing the product parts centrally downwards onto a discharge conveyor, QA-parts to the operating side and discharge parts to the non-operating side.

This reject chute is designed for three discharge shafts of a FANUC injection moulding machine type ROBOSHOT S-2000i 250B. The product pieces fall centrally downwards onto a conveyor, which transports the parts in longitudinal direction below the clamping unit out of the machine shaft.

The rejects resp. start-up parts are discharged towards the non-operating side into a separate box.

For QA-purposes, parts are directed to the operating side of the machine into a separate box.

The parts transport is realised via two independent pneumatic cylinders which are supplied with compressed air by one-way controlled pneumatic valves.

Hinged stainless steel plates are mounted at the reject chute. As they are tied to the machine base, there is a perfect sealing between machine and reject chute. The whole body of the chute consists of stainless steel, the changeover flaps of POM-C.

Thechangeover flaps have a special form to realise a very low construction height.

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