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Multi-Rounder MR-A1 as Attachment

MTF Technik - Multi-Rounder MR-A1 as Attachment

Swing slide Type Multi-Rounder MR-A1 as attachment to an MTF conveyor belt for the star-shaped filling of multiple containers.

MTF Technik - Multi-Rounder MR-A1 as Attachment

Reinforced Multi-Rounder in stainless steel as attachment to a GL-LD 120 belt conveyor.

The MTF Multi-Rounder is a component of the proven Multi-Tech programme and is convincing with its compact design and versatility.

With the MTF Multi-Rounder, the piece-count-exact filling of containers always works.

The device is available both as a stand-alone device (Type MR-S1) and as an attachment (TypeMR-A1) for the Multi-Tech conveyor belts.


For applications with which the conveyor belt and distribution guide function as a unit, the rotary distributor is used as an attached device. The distributor is connected individually to the conveyor frame or base depending on the task. It can likewise be adapted to almost any other manufacturer's devices.

  • Conveyor belt and rotary distributor can be run as a unit
  • Speed and control of the belt run time through the count control of the distributor
  • Simple addition to MTF belts - also after the fact
  • Can also be connected to third-party belts
  • Turning or swinging use adjustable through the controller
  • Infinitely adjustable height and tilt of the slide
  • Planetary gear motor with brake for exact positioning


  • Affordable price
  • Solid construction for 24-hour use, 365 days a year
  • Wear-resistant planetary gear motor
  • Completely maintenance-free construction
  • Problem-free integration into existing operations
  • Control over freely adjustable times or potential-free contacts
  • Positioning infinitely adjustable
  • 360° work area
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Infinitely adjustable in height and angle

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