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Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Steel Mesh Conveyor

MTF Technik - Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Steel Mesh Conveyor Type GS with lateral cover plate

MTF Technik - Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Wire Mesh Conveyor Type GS in reversible version with hollow chain pin at both sides. The conveyor serves as reserving conveyor for distributing the flow into two containers. As the parts are very oily, there is a drain tray mounted below the belt.

MTF Technik - Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Steel Mesh Conveyor Type G with Belt No. 95 without hollow pin chain as cooling conveyor for metal goods. At the belt inlet the belt is carried over a perforated plate of stainless steel, until the goods are cooled down. Afterwards the belt slides over plastic cleats.

MTF Technik - Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Conveyor Type GS-HM 140 with wire mesh belt for cooling down plastic parts in a cleanroom. The conveyor is equipped with a covering, an ionisation device and an air blower incl. a filter element.

MTF Technik - Straight Wire Belt Conveyors

Steel Mesh Conveyor Type GS-LD 120 with a total of 4 strong and independent axial ventilators for cooling down parts in the diecasting industry.

Due to their stability, MTF-Steel Mesh Conveyors are used for conditions with strong exposure, e.g. in the metal processing industry. A further benefit of wire belt conveyors is the very permeable mesh made of steel or stainless steel in case of conveying very hot material or when the goods have to be cooled down or drained off. The steel mesh conveyors are optionally available with diverse forms of round or flat wire mesh and can be equipped with or without lateral hollow pin chain. Due to their temperature resistance they can be used in diecasting, curing ovens or forging presses.

Product Information

Steel Mesh Conveyors


  • Broad variety of different belts in steel or stainless steel
  • Temperature resistance of the belts up to 300°C
  • Perfect antistatic qualities
  • Various extra equipment according to individual requirements
  • Various base frames possible

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