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Small Belt Conveyor INL-LD 230

Small Belt Conveyor with Negative Angle

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor INL-LD 230

Small Conveyor Type INL-ID 230 in a special version

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor INL-LD 230

Small conveyor Type INL-ID 230 (alternative version)

Every time special flexibility regarding height and/or tilt adjustment is required, a base frame with ball guided gas pressure column is the ideal solution. The strength of the gas pressure column is fitted to the materials handling in order to enable a nearly force-less adjustment. Larger conveyor belts or even custom made models as shown in the figure may also be equipped with several gas pressure columns.

The depicted conveyor belt combination of a negatively angled belt and a straight belt on a joint base frame is a special solution. In this example, the task was to discharge parts from an only 70mm high machine shaft and to convey them into a box. At the same time, machine handling in another problem was also to be designed to accept products in larger height and to transport them into the same box. Here, the discharge height at the end of the conveying line should be unchanged.

This problem can be solved in an elegant way with the depicted duo. The angled conveyor belt must only be adjusted in height; the flat part of the belt remains horizontal at all times. The straight conveyor belt is adjusted in height as well as in tilt. The adjustment can be done in less than 15 seconds without any tools.

Product Information
Small Belt Conveyors


The solutions are just as various as the tasks in the different industries. The base frame type LD 230 with two ball guided gas pressure columns enables a convenient height adjustment with nearly no force and without any tools.

  • Lift height with gas pressure support up to 480mm
  • Step-less tilt adjustment between 0° and 60°
  • Various connection possibilities between base frame and conveyor belt frame depending on task

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