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Small Belt Conveyor Type IPL-BE 020

Belt Conveyor with Positive Angle

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor Type IPL-BE 020

Kleinförderband Typ IPL-BE 020

MTF Technik - Small Belt Conveyor Type IPL-BE 020

Kleinförderband Typ IPL-BE 020

Compact small conveyor belts with positively bent belts are often equipped with base frame type BE 020. It consists of a stable steel base plate with two vertically mounted anodised aluminium profiles. The base frame and conveyor belt frame are connected with rotating modules whose height and tilt can be adjusted step-less.

The conveyor belt is normally suspended at its centre of mass so that the tilt can be changed easily. The belt itself features step-less adjustment of its height along the aluminium profiles. Conveyor belts of this construction type are used e.g. as discharge conveyors behind packaging machines or even for transport downwards. This is of special importance for parts with a sensitive surface whose fall height must be reduced.

Depending on the dimensions, various base frames, drive units and belt materials are available in order to ensure adaptation to the respective tasks.

Product Information
Small Belt Conveyors


Small angled conveyors with a total length of up to approx. 1,500mm and a width up to max. 350mm can be made with base frame BE 020. It creates stability against collapse due to the compact base frame plate.

  • Large height adjustment ranges
  • Stable against collapse
  • More supports are used for longer belts

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