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Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 010

Straight Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 010

GL-HE 010 as a Robot Delivery Belt without side guidance, combined with light barrier, conveyor clearing switch and drive mounted below the conveyor body.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GL-HE 010

GL-HE 010 as a Multi-Track Robot Delivery Belt for plugs that are accumulated at the end of the conveying track.

Model GL-HE 010 - the combination of a straight conveyor with the underframe Type HE 010 - is predominantly used as small machine discharge conveyor or as robot delivery belt. Usually, the maximum length is 2,000mm and the width approx. 400mm.

The conveyor is continuously variable in height and inclination by means of telescopic aluminium profiles. The stable underframe supports are mounted in the lower groove of the guiding profiles and can be moved along the whole conveyor body. Therefore, the conveyor can be installed very flexibly at various machines.

This conveyor type is often used as robot delivery belt. Combined with a drive mounted below the conveyor or a drum motor, this conveyor ist particularly suitable for transporting parts that overlap the belt body laterally, as there are no interfering edges or walls above the belt.

Moreover, this underframe is used when an inclination angle of more than 60° is necessary. Theoretically, the maximal inclination angle is up to 90°.

Like with all MTF Multi-Tech conveyors, a multitude of special equipment and accessories can be configured: from various belt qualities, drive units to many accessories, as metal detectors, separating attachments, belt covers, ionisation devices etc.

Product Information
Straight Conveyors Type GL


Belt conveyors with a width of up to approx. 500 mm and a length of approx. 2,000 mm are equipped with an underframe HE 010 in cases where the underframe supports should neither protrude laterally nor upwards, or if extreme belt inclines of up to 90° are required.

  • Telescopic underframe for continuous height adjustment
  • No underframe parts that protrude upwards or laterally
  • Extreme belt inclines possible

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