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Belt Conveyor Type PLF-Special

Belt Conveyor with Positive Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PLF-Special

Angled Conveyor Type PLF-Special for a vertical transport of plastic parts into an assembly machine within a narrow space

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PLF-Special

Vertical Conveyor Type PLF-Special with patented 2-way reject chute for directing parts in different containers.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PLF-Special

PLF-Special with shortest horizontal belt for filling screws into a vibrating container.

This conveyor was custom made for a manufacturer of medical parts. The vertical construction was necessary for connecting two production machines and thereby creating a gangway for the workers.

All areas in contact with the product are lined with stainless steel, and all welding and connecting spots are completely blended and executed without any seams.

There is a special stainless steel hopper integrated in the feeding area. In addition, there is a transfer element mounted at the disposal area, in order to fill the next machine by means of a JACOB Pipe System.

The high transporting cleats are bended forwardly in order to create a shovel effect for a safe transport of the required amount of goods.


Special requirements need special engineering: The underframe profiles by MTF Technik can be used for endless variations. In this case, the struts are mounted with angle flaps at a vertical conveyor.

  • Stable underframe with welded base frame
  • Height adjustment via the individual profile lenghts
  • Accessories (working lamps, fasteners, switches etc.) can easily be mounted at the grooves of the underframe profiles

Application Examples and Tutorials

Application video: Vertical conveyor PLF-Special together with 2-way reject chute for space-saving conveying

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