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Belt Conveyor Type PL-Special

Belt Conveyor with Positive Angle

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-Special

Angled Conveyor PL-Sonder

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type PL-Special

Angled Conveyor PL-Sonder

Large grinder feeding belts are especially used in the recycling sector. They are designed as conveyors with positive angle (type PL). Parts with large volume e.g. pipe sections, refrigerator side parts etc. that are fed to a grinder often have to be feeded in a horizontal position in order to avoid deadlocks in the grinder.

In order to protect the grinder from metal parts, angled belt conveyors of this type are usually equipped with metal detectors. These are built as a tunnel with a completely metal-free zone, integrated to the belt body. Furthermore, the MTF Multi-Tech belt conveyors with metal detectors have many extras as a controlling instrument for the metal-free zone, an extra stable construction, special belts etc.

Due to the size of this angled conveyor, a safe standing is absolutely necessary. Therefore we offer special underframes which are mostly based on the basic type LD 120. A welded underframe with stable, anodised aluminium profiles carries the conveyor. The individual supports are reinforced with diagonal, lateral and crosswise struts in order to obtain a high level of stability.

Another feature of this grinder feeding belts is the sealing between outer cover and belt body. Material shredded in small pieces has to be prevented from entering the inside of the belt body. Therefore we install special brush seals or double-shaft edge coverings. Alternatively, wipers placed inside the conveyor can remove any material.

Additional Downloads

Calculator for the measures of angled conveyor belts


Apart from the many standard underframe models, there are also the special underframe versions, of course. These are used if special dimensions, applications and conceptual formulations must be represented.

  • Adjustment to the corresponding applications/conceptual formulations
  • Infinite combination of options is possible
  • Additional attachment elements (e.g. electric height adjustment, gas pressure columns, scissor lift tables etc.) can be integrated

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