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Belt Conveyor Type ZL-LD 120

Z-Shaped Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-LD 120

Z-conveyors type ZL-LD 120 as grinder feeding belt with lateral guide profile increase, drum motor arranged for sliding/pushing as well as a metal detection coil integrated in the middle of the steep belt to protect the grinder.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-LD 120

Z-belt conveyor in encapsulated special design. The conveyor belt is used in an African note issuing bank where it conveys old bank notes to a shredder. The conveyor belt is part of a multi-level conveyor system where the accessibility to the material to be conveyed is only possible by means of special safety locks.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-LD 120

Conveyor belt with Z-shaped angle type ZL-LD 120 with rotary distributor fastened to the underframe to fill several boxes. The belt conveyor can also be controlled in cyclic operations via the controller of the rotary distributor. The controller can be operated optionally in counter mode and time mode.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type ZL-LD 120

Z-conveyor belt with polycarbonate covers as well as two mounted efficient ventilators to transport caps of beverages from a plastic injection moulding machine to various buffer containers. Using the conveyor controller the separate rotary distributor, type Multi-Rounder, can be controlled additionally.

An extremely stable design for Z-belt conveyors is achieved by using the underframe type LD 120. This type is a closed, welded base frame with supports laterally mounted to the belt conveyor and made of aluminium profiles. Depending on the requirements and application, additional lateral, crosswise and diagonal struts may further reinforce and support the underframe so that a safe standing can also be ensured with very large belt conveyors.

The underframe makes it possible to lower the flat belt down to the floor. Thus, lowest feeding heights can be achieved. Hence, belt conveyors of this design are often used as discharge transport belts from production machines. The freely overhanging flat belt area thus can also be mounted in relatively small machine pits.

The lateral supports further enable to realise a large height adjustment range. In combination with the continuous angle adjustment between 0° and 60° of the Multi-Tech angled belt conveyors it is possible to manufacture very flexible conveying technology solutions. Thus, the conveyor belt can be used as horizontal flat belt conveyor and also as steeply angled steep belt conveyor. This is of particular importance if the conveyor is to be used at many different places.

Due to the grooves integrated in the underframe supports, additional attachment parts, e.g. control cabinets, signal lamps, operator control panels etc., can be mounted easily. The grooves may also be used for cable guide and routing, if required.

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Belt Conveyors Type ZL

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The underframe, type LD 120 is suitable for Z-conveyor belts with longer steep belt parts, high load and heavy attachment parts, such as tunnel metal detectors. The closed, welded underframe forms a unit with the supports and the belt body and provides stability.

  • Freely overhanging flat belt parts enable low feeding heights and unhindered disposal e.g. into larger containers or boxes
  • Longer flat belts can be additionally supported, if required
  • High height adjustment range due to individual support length
  • Conveying angle continuously adjustable to any angle between 0° and 60°

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